Welcome to Online Debit Solutions.
ODS and its Directors have been in the processing arena for 20 years, handling challenged industries of all types and sizes. Online Debit Solutions specializes in merchant accounts and credit card processing for multiple industry  types. We offer a myriad of solutions for any size dispensary. If you require a trusted and reliable payment processor that understands your business, Online Debit Solutions should be a part of your team. Accepting credit and debit cards is a must for any business taking payment for goods and/or services.

We give you the ability to accept all major credit and debit cards. Your business will flourish by giving your customers what they want, with a greater range of payment options. Your business will witness improved cash flow as higher tickets become prevalent. ODS is equipped to offer solutions that are tailor made to your unique requirements. We offer a proven method to add more revenue and profit to your organization.